Battery Operated Peeler

You may or may not know but I suffer with reduced grip in my right hand and reduced strength in my right arm, and this can make some ordinary day tasks quite difficult.

I’m always asked by my followers for gadgets to help with arthritis and wrist issues when cooking. In January 2021 I came across this battery operated peeler and thought how good does this sound?? I was hooked by the reviews and how it looked, so I ordered one and started testing it out.

I immediately fell in love with it, don’t get me wrong it takes a little practice but you soon get the hang of it and I couldn’t believe how well it peeled butter nut squash which is my pet hate of all vegetables to peel. It now lives on my kitchen window sill as I use it near daily.

Below is my video review excuse my “cack handedness” with potatoes this is my grip issue not the peeler.

Press here to view peeler look under kitchen gadgets

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