Chilli Stuffed Peppers

Im forever trying to find new ways to use up slow cooker chilli, this has got to be one of the meals i batch cook the most. This week i decided to try stuffed peppers, however the ones i bought were still really firm when i came to using them so i thought it best to pre cook them for approx 10 mins before adding the chilli. The key is to get the pepper to soften but not too soft that it will collapse when you add the chilli and cook for the 2nd time to melt the cheese – this is approx another 10 mins

The chilli is already cooked so just needs reheating which i did in the microwave i then stuffed the peppers with the chilli topped with cheese and back in the oven to melt the cheese.

If your peppers are not super firm like mine you could put the chilli directly into the peppers and cook them altogether i would guesstimate this to take approx 20 mins on a 180 degree heat (really depends on your oven)

The slow cooker chilli recipe i use can be found here

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