Hairy Bikers Frying Pan Review

So how many pans have you ruined?? or they have simply given up the ghost and lost their “non stick” ability?? I have lost count to be honest and i always try and buy good expensive pans. In my early days of slimming world i must have thrown out at least 3 frying pans due to Frylite build up that completely ruined the pan.

My last frying pan has lasted well (i dont use Frylite anymore) but it seems to have lost its mojo over the last couple of months so about 2 months ago i did something that went against everything i know about pans ….buy expensive heavy base good non stick…yep the list goes on! but i bought a £5.99 pan which was a Hairy Bikers brand from Homebargains.

Graeme did the eye roll thing thinking this is going to last exactly 2 minutes i guess i also thought the same, but i have been proven wrong i love this pan its lightweight easy to move around on the hob heats up quickly and nothing but nothing sticks to it! It has been used nearly everyday so has certainly seen some action but it has not faltered once so in my opinion that is money well spent and the non stick coating is still intact.

Million Dollar Question – would i buy another one??? in a heartbeat!

Below are some top tips to keep your pan in the best condition:-

1) Dont use Frylite (sorry Slimming Worlders)
2) Once you have used the pan let it cool completely before you wash it up even if it has food glued to it.
3) Heat the pan slowly on the hob, because it doesn’t have that “heavy bottom” base heating it too quickly can make it difficult to cook things slowly e.g. onions, mushrooms, eggs and control the pans temperature. Or if your cooking say a stiry fry then heat the pan on high from the beginning to cook quickly.
4)If you do get food glued to it then after its cooled leave it to soak for 5 mins then wash the food away – i have left mine with dried on honey glued to it and it still came off with no scrubbing,
5) Dont scrub with metal scourer.
6) Use wooden or plastic cooking utensils not metals as this will scratch the coating. 

5 thoughts on “Hairy Bikers Frying Pan Review

  1. my apologies i have just seen this im not even sure why i dont get notifications on this!!! thank you so much for the lovely comment and fingers crossed for my famous blogger badge to arrive anytime soon lol


  2. so sorry i have not seen this comment Claire i have no idea why im not getting notifications!!! the pans are still in Homebargains now as i was in there yesterday and they are taking pride of place lol p.s. mine is still going strong


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