Bimuno Update 15th March

I thought i would do a little update of how im getting along using Bimuno, well all i can say is i am so happy that i found this product! I have used it now since beginning of February and my bloating has gone down and stayed down which for me is just the best thing ever!

What has also amazed me is that it really doesn’t matter what foods i eat nothing seems to trigger a bad bloating episode i actually feel “normal” again and yep i appreciate that sounds a bit dramatic but since summer last year i have really struggled with bloating and going to the loo đŸ™ˆ and since starting with Bimuno im now going everyday! 

There is also a version for IBS all information is on Bimuno website 
Have i found any side effects from taking the Bimuno powder??? none whatsoever for me its been a fantastic addition to my diet.

How do i take mine??? i always take it in my first cup of tea in the morning i just feel if its the first thing that hits my stomach its better plus i dont forget lol.

Bimuno also have a product for IBS sufferers and again all the information is on their website hit the link above 

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