SP Evening Meal Ideas

Or Tea as we call it up North haha!

This is the meal i find the most easiest to do and turn into SP and you dont need to live on carrot chips either!

Beef Burgers on SP – absolutely this is what i love about SP the two healthy extras your allowed ok so you can have chips made out of potatoes but for me i would rather have a beefburger in a bun. You will see i add a small bowl of salad to a lot of my meals i do this just to make sure i get enough speed into my meals.

Nacho Chilli Feast – love this meal and usually i would serve it with chips but butternut squash wedges work really well as they have a sweetness to them that compliments the chilli.   For me this meals is an easy throw together as i make the chilli part of this in the slow cooker.

Kebabs & Gyros – My favourite food i love kebabs they are easy to make taste amazing and dont take up anytime to make super quick super tasty. Serve with huge salad carrott chips and maybe a wrap . My Gyros recipe is one really worth trying.

Lamb chops – in a pan, under the grill on the BBQ you decide, another quick and easy meal i served mine with ribbons of courgette, baby corn and mange tout.

Aubergine Boats – i love aubergine but i thinks its one of those veggies that you run out of ideas what to do with it so rather than make it the main part of the meal make it something to stand your meal in i stuffed mine with spag bol (well the bol part anyway) and got to say it was really good,

Sticky Chicken – Another firm favourite in our house again so easy to make and a fab midweek meal but rather than fussing about what to add to it i just used a stir fry bag of veggies and plonked the chicken on top .. job done

Fakeaway – when it comes to the weekend i love food that is spicy feels naughty but isnt going to cost me heavily on syns – Mayflower Chicken Curry love this curry i make mine in the slow cooker but you can do it on the hob no problem.  Serve with Cauliflower rice i make my own now tastes so much better than the stuff from the pouches – works a treat …… another perfect SP meal.

 I will keep adding meal cards as my SP days continue – all the above recipes are on my website in video format if you want to have a go at making them

Enjoy xxxx

2 thoughts on “SP Evening Meal Ideas

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