SP Lunch Ideas

Lunch time is usually where i use one of my HEb and its usually a wrap or a bread bun i think when you have been following the Extra Easy plan for a number of years the fact you can now have two HEb is just the best thing ever! and the thought of being able to have bread which is one of my huge downfalls is just too much temptation for me not to have it haha! So lunch kinda revolves around bread the holy grail of dieting!

Here is a small selection of what i eat for lunch i do try to keep it simple and light 1) time is always against me and 2) i love a big dinner so this way i dont feel “over full” off eating way too much at lunchtime

The meals range from a selection of salads which are fab when the weather is warm but when its a little chilly i need stodge thats when the “open sandwich” comes into play as you can pile double the amount of fillings on one bun! Wraps are another fab one and quesadilla’s are so easy to make we used to called them pizza wraps when the kids were little plus they still make to this day – guess its all that gooey cheesy filling!

Egg wraps are simple and quick to make then you can top them with anything you like i added sausages bacon and some salad to mine so it was like a BLT ish .

One of my favourite things at the minute is sausages patties but i tend to have these if i have had fruit for breakfast or over a weekend – just take the sausages out of the skins add some spices or herbs squish it together form the pattie and fry it just cooks quicker this way.

Im not good with Fish but i do try and one of the lunches that i made was mackerel on toast i used a bread but i served it with a side bowl of salad to ensure i had that 50% S&P. which i really enjoyed.

As i move forward with SP i will add more cards to the website like this but my top tip with SP is plan your lunches i always plan my dinners but never lunches and its has caught me out on more than one occasion and i find its best planned then you dont reach for the wrong things

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