SP Breakfast Ideas

I find when im on SP days i usually start the day with my

first HEb especially if the weather is cold for some reason this is when i need food! Here is a small selection of SP breakfast ideas that i have used so far remember im still in the early days of this part of slimming world and will gradually add more as time goes on

Are a firm favourite of mine as i find them easy to make and they really do fill me up and switching from yogurt to quark to make them doesn’t detract from the taste. I usually batch cook these as my silicone mould makes 4 waffles and i know if im doing 2 or 3 SP days in a row its better to make all 4 and then i can always use them for an afternoon pud if needed. (Video Recipe Under Recipe tab)

Yep im addicted to this stuff again another firm favourite mainly because its that fuller for longer feeling but i always make mine with water and sweeten with Skinny Syrups there is a video recipe on my page under Recipe tab for how i make it.

I tend to use these for “brunch” more than early breakfast but they are a fab way of using up all the bits leftover from the weekend basically add anything you like that is SP friendly again the full video recipe is on my recipe page

For me this is the easiest go to one on the list as you can adapt it to suit whatever you fancy even poached egg on toast beans mushroom tomatoes etc and if your having a “hungry day” this is the one to fill you up

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