Waffles for SP Days

This is a Slimming world recipe that has been adapted for SP days i love waffles and i find eating these for breakfast with lots of SP fruits keeps me fuller for longer so here is how i make mine – you will see my video recipe makes 4 this is because i always batch cook them and freeze 2 of them for later in the week

40g oats
1 x egg
sweetener if you wish i use skinny syprup to flavour and sweeten but use whatever you like
3 x heaped tablespoons of quark
(makes 2 waffles HEb)

In my video you will see i have doubled the above ingredients for batch cooking
i use tesco quark but again use whichever one you like

I always cook the waffles then rest them in their moulds for about 5-10mins before turning them out i find this helps keep their shape and stops the mixture sticking to the moulds

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