Beef Stroganoff

I have wanted to make this for ages but just never got around to it until now and have to say what was i thinking it tasted amazing! Next time i make this im going to cook it in the slow cooker for two reasons 1) its the perfect dish for slow cooking 2) you can use a cheaper cut of beef and cook it for longer which will tenderize it! Once i cook it i will bring together another video because i will need to mess around with the stock measurements and ingredients   …but back to this show stopper! Most recipes call for Dijon mustard im not a big fan so i changed it to wholegrain and it worked perfectly fine so i would suggest you use whatever you like – i also think this is one of those dishes that needs to suit your taste so i would say start off with my ingredient list and qtys then toward then end before you add the yogurt or whatever your using taste and add anything you feel needs increasing say more mustard or paprika its your dish so have it how you like it

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