Chicken & Cream Sweetcorn Soup OR Chicken Noodle Soup

I love this soup mainly because its so simple to do – i added leeks and carrots to add more speed veggies but if your not following slimming world then you dont need to bother however i will say these two veggies add bags of flavour to the soup and really do work well.

You will see i used cooked chicken but if you only have raw chicken not a problem – add the chicken to the stock with the carrots and leeks and cook (poach) until its cooked then shred it into the soup you will know its cooked when it pulls apart easily with a fork

For vegetarian option leave out the chicken and add noodles, quorn or lentils the choice is yours

I get lots of comments regarding this recipe its a really popular one, if you have trouble getting the creamed sweetcorn the easiest way to get around this is use a normal tin of sweetcorn and blend it semi smooth this will give the same result. Moving forward this is what i will do as a tin of creamed sweetcorn can be expensive compared to a normal tin of corn.

The other variation I have made of this soup is Chicken Noodle Soup basically the same recipe as below but add 1 nest of noodles at the beginning of cooking it really helps witj that fuller for longer feeling.

This version is with noodles i used 1 nest of dry noodles to the below recipe.
Version with no noddles but instead of dicing all of the carrots in this batch i used a peeler to get long strips it just breaks the soup appearance and texture up but it makes zero difference to the taste.

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