Frying Pan Review

Frying pans can be expensive and there are so many of them on the market its difficult to decide which ones are the best i have always used Teflon non stick pans for years but as with all pans they get to the point where they have seen better days! I decided a year or so ago to invest in the JML Regis stone pan which i thought initially was expensive for a small pan and it is BUT is it worth it???  i totally fell in love with this little pan nothing sticks to it and it holds the heat well and can be controlled much better than my other non stick pans.  Then the decision came to replace what we call our “medium” size frying pan which was always an awkward size so without hesitation i went for a Regis pan which i bought online £17 now this is a Regis “type” pan not a JML one personally i cannot find any difference apart from there is no Regis Stone indented in the base of the pan it performs equally as well as my JML small pan.  We needed one more pan a large one 30cm and was ready to order another regis style pan but was wandering around asda and started looking at a million frying pans getting more and more confused but one jumped out partly because it was £14 was a Scoville NeverStick pan so i quickly jumped online and grabbed hold of customer reviews and it got 5 stars over and over again decision made! I really wish i had found this pan first because whilst it is slightly heavier than the Medium regis pan i have nothing but nothing sticks to this pan and needs hardly any oil which if your following slimming world is fantastic.
Whilst im happy with all the pans i now have would i make any different decsions???? yes i love my small JML pan but would have loved to replace my bigger frying pans with the Scoville Neverstick pan i picked up in Asda 
Asda Scoville
Regis “type” 
Regis Stone JML

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