Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

I hope you will love this recipe as much as i do for me its the ease of it all as there is little prep plus you can add whatever you want any bits and pieces you have lurking in the fridge frozen veggies will also work well in this dish! This will also work with prawns and fish just cook the stock mushrooms lemongrass and chilli first as you need to infuse the stock with that hot spicy flavouring then add the fish/prawns last 5-10mins with the noodles.  You will see i didn’t add the noodles straight into the slow cooker ok you can do this the choice is your i have never been successful in adding pasta into the slow cooker as it always goes stodgy and over cooked plus you add all the starch from he noodles/pasta into the dish, you also need to be a slow cooker master to judge how much liquid you need to add as the noodles will absorb loads even once cooked! For me its easier to use angle hair noodles pre soak them (takes 2mins) then add them to the slow cooker this way i can watch the liquid level and add more if needed

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