Morphy Richards sear and stew slow cooker

Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Slow Cooker
I have had this slow cooker for approx 3 years now and i absolutely love it for me the real difference here is that the inner pot is made of non stick aluminium so its so easy to clean unlike some of the ceramic ones and trust me ive spent hours trying to get my old one clean! Because it has an aluminium inner if the pot does get dropped it just bounces off the floor instead of smashing into a million pieces and yep i have done that also.
There are 3 heat settings low, med and high the only thing i feel missing here is a “keep warm” position but for me thats not a deal breaker as i just time the meal to finish when i need it. My version of this slow cooker does cook quite hot even on low and most of the meals i make i cook on low its a bit of a “hottie” but they are all different so its just a matter of getting used to the one you have other people have reported they cook really slowly.
The huge selling point with this slow cooker is that you can use it on the hob to sweat down onions and brown off meat which means you cut down on the pans you use so a huge bonus when time is an issue it does work when i first got my cooker i used to bring all my meals together by starting them off in the pot so its not a gimmick.  You will also see from my photos the inner (and lid) are dishwasher safe.
My slow cooker is 3.5ltr and i would say this can feed a family of 4 no problems but if like me your feeding 2 then i just use leftovers for lunches through the week or i bulk the meal out and batch cook and freeze what we dont use
What i buy another one???????????? absolutely i wouldn’t even hesitate to look at what else is on the market 

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