Slimming World Porridge (using water)

Its getting to that time of the year when a bowl of fruit just isn’t cutting it anymore and leaves you freezing cold! When this time of year comes i love porridge as its so filling and so adaptable but one thing i dont like (if your following slimming world) is using my milk allowance so i make it with water and sweeten it with Jordans skinny syrup which is syn free – i usually buy mine from TK Maxx or Amazon

If you like your porridge thick then cover the oats with water if you dont then add slightly more water
You dont have to use skinny syrup i have used diluted juice or added sweetener and both work equally as well but i must admit i prefer the skinny syrup and a huge bottle lasts ages so well worth the investment
All microwaves are different so mic for 1 min and see how it looks if too watery then mic again for 30secs but watch out for “porridge explosion” hmmm thats the last thing you want to be cleaning off the inside of your microwave!

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