Syn Free Passata Sauce

Love this sauce not only is it syn free its easy to make and can be stored in the fridge in an air container for at least a week making it an easy go to meal, it also freezes well. The batch i have made makes approx 4 portions but it will depend on what you use it for her is how i use it:-

Pizza base
Sauce for pasta – you could add extra mushroom and bacon to it
Base for Spaghetti Bolognese
Base for meatballs
Goes well with prawns also


1 tin of Tomatoes
1 onion ( i use red as i feel it gives a softer flavour but use what you have)
Garlic (add to your taste)
Worcestershire Sauce – a dash
Balsamic Vinegar a good glug
Red wine Stock pot (syn free) or you could use red wine the choice is yours
1 tablespoon of tomatoe puree
Basil as much as you want i also added some oregano but again the choice is yours

Take time to sweat the onions down slowly it will really pay off  keep them on a low heat and if they start burning take them off the heat and let the pan cool once cooled gently heat again once they have a “jammy” feel and look they are done
Tinned Tomatoes can have a lot of added juice if this happens with the ones you use just keep the pan on a low heat bubbling away until the excess juice has reduced down into the sauce
Adjust the taste to suit you – like more garlic add more, like more basil add more its a very versatile sauce and has so many uses
Leave chunky or smooth the choice is yours
Make a big batch and freeze then your only minutes away from a meal


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