All these years later Spicentice is very much a family business (with mum, Manjula, and dad, Ramnik, still making sure Ketan eats a good lunch!) and the range has grown to include Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Moroccan, Portuguese, Cajun and Mexican spice kits, along with herb & spice rubs in handy tins and real Indian fruit chutneys.
Spicentice stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to traditional recipes that have been perfected over generations, with 100% pure herbs & spices, no waste and absolutely no nasties!  Cooking and sharing a meal using our spice kits or rubs will impress your family and friends (and make Ketan’s mum very happy!)
Our clever little (no waste) spice kits contain 100% pure herbs & spices, along with a shopping list and an easy to follow recipe to serve four in no time at all.  You can choose from delicious dishes inspired from around the world including Indian, Thai, Mexican, Portuguese, Cajun, Jamaican and Moroccan recipes.
With twenty four spice kits to choose from, there’s something for everyone – including meat, fish, vegetarian and side dish recipes, so browse here for all the spicy inspiration you need…
I use a lot of Spicentice spice kits and rubs its just makes life so much easier they are so versatile too, the spice kits are supposed to be cooked on the hob but most of the time i use them in the slow cooker and hey presto they have still turned out beautifully i guess thats the sign of a quality product! The rubs also have so many uses they can be used as a marinate, a sprinkle into soups etc, a rub  i have used the chipolte rub in my chilli and it adds a lovely background hum to the dish. If you want to see how i use the spice kits go into my video tab and look for slow cooker lamb madras this dish was delicious I served it with Spicentice bombay potatoes 
For me the service and comminication plays a huge part when ordering a product i have to hand it to Spicentice their customer service and communication is second to none – they really have got it right, so from me thats a huge thumbs up!

Below are the contact details for Spicentice i have inserted a link to take you directly to their website where you will find more products than the ones i have shown below – the one thing i can promise is you wont be dissapointed

Instagram @spicentice

a) Persian Kofta
Lamb Madras
Chipotle Rub
New Herbs & Spice Rub Gift Set

With all Spicentice kits you can use my discount code Jules 20 for 20% of any order https://www.spicentice.com/

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